Fitris is an enterprise focusing on the design, R & D and production of functional sports products, mainly engaged in sports functional products and supporting services of peripheral products. The company is mainly engaged in the import and export of fitness equipment, sports equipment, sporting goods and related products.

In the early stage of the establishment of fitris brand, after years of research and investigation in the industry, the team touched the upstream and downstream of the industry and was familiar with the needs of customers at all levels. Based on cost-effective products, fitris provided high-quality services for customers and formed a high-quality one-stop comprehensive service system.

We love sports

Deeply cultivate the health industry and build the road of sustainable brand development

Focus on health and build professional sports equipment and scientific fitness services for a long time


1. Focus on the research and development of functional sports products
2. Professional brand, strict control of product details
 3.High quality one-stop comprehensive service system
4.The after-sales service team provides efficient service throughout the process                                                                          

Focus on the design, R & D and production of functional sports products, as well as supporting services for peripheral products.

Professional brand, product quality is strictly controlled in the links of design, production and storage, and high-quality products are delivered to customers.

High cost performance products provide customers with high-quality services and form a high-quality one-stop comprehensive service system.

The company always abides by the enterprise tenet of "customer first, reputation-based", and makes timely response after-sales, so as to reassure customers.

Many fitness clubs and studios
Burning passion and releasing potential
Change begins immediately

Wholeheartedly provide all customers with high-quality sports and fitness products.



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